this just happened

nev just being cute

wow i haven’t been on here for soooo long, can you guys leave suggestions of catfish scenes i should gif in my ask? thank you 

Hi, what is that band Nev has around his chest in the topless pic? I'm not from America so we don't have them! Thanks x

not sure what you’re talking about :/

omg I love your blog so freaking muuuch <3<3

thank u so much ily


maybe it was better to get them all out at once

Nev what's your favorite part of filming catfish

i’m not nev lmao

the notes omf

who’s ready for tonight’s catfish?

Hiya. Just wanted to say that I really appreciate your blog existing. There's not enough love out there for the Catfish boys! I've only found a couple who seem to be posting. Do you know of any others? x


thank you so much love!

there’s only two pages i really see updating (that i know of) and they are max-josephs & youvecattobefishingme

if anyone knows of any other pages that are active, please leave them in my ask